Structural construction
Precast reinforced concrete water tower
The structure of towers
Monolithic base plate and conical service level
The body of the tower consists of precast reinforced concrete pipes stressed together with stressing strands laterally led through passage openings built in the pipe wall. Installation is performed on platforms installed inside the pipes.
After manufacturing the pipes, ladders and resting and installation platforms are installed.
On the top of the tower body there are precast beams installed in the top pipe element. The beams receive precast filigree concrete elements laid outwards from the centre. The filigree elements on the side have adequate rigidity and have protective railings of appropriate height installed prior to erection.
After that, the monolithic bottom slabs of the basin is reinforced and concreted. This concrete foundation receives a reinforced concrete pipe is installed as the extension of body leading to the basin floor level bordering the basin and giving access to the roof as well.
Next precast lateral and top elements are used to build the basin in an areas protected with guardrails.
no scaffolding is required
shorter installation due to pre-manufacturing,
high quality of precast structures increase lifetime