Civil engineering
AGM Beton pump stations/sumps are manufactured with the following diameters
DA 1000
DA 1200
DA 1400
DA 1650
DA 1800
DA 2000
DA 2200
DA 2320 (thin wall)
DA 2620 (thin wall)
DA 3060 (thin wall)
DA 4640 (thin wall, a structure made of segments)
Gate chamber:
Available in the above sizes and with any effective depth.
Building technology:
Depending on effective depth, soil and ground water sumps are installed with trench (bottomed pipes) or well-sinking technology. In the latter case dewatering is done by underwater concrete work.
Polibet shaft bottoms
Depending on the diameter, Polibet shafts can be delivered with two types bottoms.
Standard polibet bottom
It is a plastic bottom for conventional pump feet. Available is designs as seen in the attached sample drawings.
Flygt TOP bottom
Flygt TOP bottom can be installed in conventional (non-polibet) sumps. Optionally, the same geometry is available in reinforced concrete. In case of certain diameters (e.g. ND 2000) Flygt TOP bottom can also be installed in polibet sumps too, on condition that the outer diameter of TOP bottom shall match the internal diameter of the sump, otherwise the plastic lining cannot be shut.
Engineering equipment in sewage pumps and plants
Any engineering configuration is possible. Basically, a twin-pump sewage plant contains the following items:
pump feet, pipes, pipe brackets
pipes (KO, or KG PVC)
check-valves (one in each delivery side)
gate valves (one in each delivery side)
bifurcated pipe (to make common delivery pipes)
Other engineering components, among other ones, are also available for various purposes:
pipe clamp + gate valve branched off the delivery pipe
Induction meter
Connectors, etc.