ROCLA tubes
ROCLA tubes – ROCLA technology
The use of the ROCLA reinforced concrete tubes in the area of canalization, and as pump station in the field of waste water treatment is very successful. The main collecting pipes with diameters over 800 mm were almost exclusively made of this product group until 2005.
Combination of centrifugal casting and rolling procedures.
After rolling, the inner surface of the tube is smooth, wear resistant, no further processing is needed.
ROCLA tubes have a guaranteed concrete quality of min. C 50/60 XA3XV3(H).
Vapor solidification – the tubes are ready for installation on the second day after manufacturing.
Flexible size assortment – tubes of different diameters can be continuously, successively manufactured.
Flexible statics –the wall thickness of the tubes is variable.
Flexible reinforcement solutions – the reinforcement is adapted to different load conditions.
Rubber ring connection – the tube connection and the seal ring are made using state-of-the-art design principles.
Shaped coupling – guaranteed watertight, no accidental mistake possibility.
Easy installation.
The installed pipeline is elastic.