ROCLA tube with glass fiber polyester lining – POLIBET tube
Combination of reinforced concrete tube and glass fiber polyester lining tube.
These products that are produced with the tube manufacturing procedures developed by the specialists of AGM Beton Zrt. and protected by patents, unite the good properties of both the reinforced concrete and glass fiber reinforced tubes. The essence of the new technology is that a 3 to 5 mm thick polyester lining is formed on the inner surface of the traditional ROCLA (or any other reinforced concrete) tube.
The static properties of the ROCLA tubes with
glass fiber reinforced polyester lining are the same as for the traditional ROCLA tubes,
according to their hydraulic properties, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, however, they provide the characteristics of the fiber reinforced polyester tubes but at a significantly lower price.
Areas of application
Construction of waste water pump shafts with POLIBET technology.
Where conditions for emerging biogene sulfur acid are given.
Where reinforced concrete shafts can rapidly be damaged.
Using POLIBET technology, also old pump shafts and cleaning shafts can be renovated.