Structural construction
Panel line for hall roofing
Designers at AGM Beton Zrt. have developed a reinforced concrete element line with a new world of forms enabling designs of attractive buildings in different sizes using a small number of sleek, demanding and aesthetic sub-elements.
This element line represents an optimal synthesis of rich forms and static requirements. The design was meant to meet the following objectives:
introduction of new forms for large span roofings from reinforced concrete structures,
construction of the structure shall be possible from few element types,
a synthesis of form and statics shall be achieved in the construction elements,
to give the architect a free hand to create buildings in ever new forms by the combination and the variation of the elements,
the construction work shall be fast and safe,
the building should be aesthetic, efficiently constructible and have a long life,
it should not require frequent maintenance, operation and inspection shall be inexpensive and simple,
the statics shall create a closed system where safety cannot depend on external conditions.