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Manager's summary

AGM Beton Zrt. was founded in 1997 from the specialists of the ROCLA Tube Plant of the Metropolitan Waterworks, with the professional experience of several decades. So the professional experience and knowledge has been available since establishing the Company that lifted the Company into a front line of civil engineering in Hungary. As a result, our Company could offer its products outside Hungary also in other countries in Europe and worldwide.

Our Company produces reinforced concrete tubes on its own production base, and has significant construction activities using its tubes and other precast reinforced concrete products in the civil engineering area.

The Company emerged to a strong medium-size family business with stable positions until 2013, and owns a production facility and office building in Monor. Thanks to the very high innovation potential, it is manufacturer of reinforced concrete products in the highest available quality in Europe; its reinforced concrete products have been sold in 4 countries in, and 5 further countries outside Europe.

All this is proved by the constantly increasing revenues.