Civil engineering
AQUA-SEAL object construction system
Using the AQUA-SEAL object construction system, high quality watertight and water holding reinforced concrete objects can be built in a short time and at affordable prices. Based on the AQUA-SEAL procedures, objects have been built in Hungary for ca. 35 years, with the participation of the specialists of AGM Beton Zrt.
The system is built from precast reinforced concrete panels that are erected on monolith reinforced concrete foundations.
Watertightness is assured by rubber hoses drawn into the provided slots.
After stressing the structure, these rubber hoses are injected by high pressure cement pulp. The hoses expand, clamp themselves into the slots, and make them watertight.
Different forms and sizes, rectangle- and polygon-shaped objects.
Variable structural height.
Areas of application
objects for storing potable water, fire fighting water, industrial water and rain water,
objects for receiving technological processes of waste water treatment plants,
swimming pools,
buildings and substructures for ground water lock out.
Shorter construction time.
Construction work regardless of weather and season.
The construction of the monolith foundation plate and the manufacturing of the elements can be overlapped in time, so the construction time can be even shorter.
The object have, due to prefabrication, very high quality.
The material of the panels is watertight, so they do not need any further surface treatment.
Characteristic for the AQUA-SEAL system is that, despite of the very high number of references, no quality claims have arisen since starting the system application.